Fulfillment Service

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Choose Duracard® as your partner and propel your custom plastic card program to success.

Our team offers you a personalized plastic card package from custom card design to customer direct mailer services that is reliable, efficient and cost-effective. We can help you accelerate your marketing objectives and boost your professional image by customizing our plastic products to match your unique personalization needs and goals.

Duracard® provides solutions tailored to meet your plastic card requirements, including:

  • Custom card printing and personalization
  • Application and encoding of magnetic striping
  • Printing information such as PINs and application of scratch-off panels
  • Application of bar codes and printed data
  • Verification of encoded and printed data
  • Designing and printing card carriers to your specifications
  • Postcards that are ready to mail with detachable card

If you have a specialized plastic card need, call Duracard® at 800-318-3500 to explore how we can partner with you to fulfill your unique needs.